Product information "Thumbhole stock for handguns"
has a reinforced frame at the top and is therefore better suited for large calibers from 800 joules
Only possible for handguns with a wooden grip up to the crook of the thumb and forefinger

Competition pistols: Feinwerkbau / Steyr-Sport / Walther / Hammerli / Tesro / Pardini / MatchGuns / Benelli / ThompsonCenter Contender 
Revolvers: Manurhin MR73, MR32 / Ruger GP100, Super Redhawk / TOZ 36, 49 / Smith&Wesson K-L round but, N round but
Recreational air pistols: Weihrauch HW44 / Diana Bandit, Chaser, Airbug / Artemis - Snowpeak PP700, PP800, CP1, CP1-M, CP2 / Airmax PP700 / Ataman AP16 

Attention: With firearms, the eyes are only a few cm away from the drum gap or the ejection window! So always wear safety goggles!


Universal forend
Universal forend
Universal forend for the mounting at air cylinders, barrels and picatinny rails.Can be quickly and safely attached to various diameters with a screw clamp!Leather upholstery protects the surface!