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Grip problems:

Due to their unique design, some models are only of limited use for grip customization, or totally unsuitable, as certain problems arise. These factors should be considered before purchasing a sport weapon:

  • Walther GSP
    is not suitable for flat angled grips (sloping posture of the hand). Otherwise the grip becomes too short and the trigger finger has to be drawn too far upwards. Because of its narrow frame, grips can however easily be made for small hands.

  • Walther SSP
    is highly suitable for a sloping posture of the hand (flat angled grips). In addition, the grip may extend far to the back, as the overall length is shorted by the top loading magazine.

  • Haemmerli SP20 and 280
    both have very low situated trigger areas. Should you prefer a steep grip on these weapon types, the horn ends up being very thick in the area between thumb and forefinger and the sight, i.e. sight is situated extremely high. Due to its relatively wide frame it is not easy to fabricate grips for small hands.

  • Haemmerli 208, Xesse, S&WM41 etc.
    due to its grip magazine only suitable for steeper angled grips. Furthermore the hand is only supported by a small metal horn from above.

  • FP Steyr
    is unsuitable for flat angled grips, due to its highly situated trigger. Otherwise the trigger finger has to be drawn too far upwards.

  • FWB P40 and older types
    have a rather wide frame at the back. Shooters with short fingers cannot reach the trigger easily.

  • FWB P44
    has an extremely small frame. Thereby it is highly suitable for shooters with small hands or short fingers.

  • FWB AW93
    is well suited for flat grips due to its angled frame. Due to its magazine shaft grip it is also unsuitable for short fingers. Just as with the SSP the grip can extend far to the back.

  • Pardini SP and HP
    may cause problems to shooters with very long fingers: The area in front of the trigger is measured very tightly, allowing little space for the trigger finger.

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New videos:

Steel plate shooting (1min.):
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Production of shoulder stocks (53min.):
Production of shoulder stocks
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Field target duel (1min.):
Field target duel
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Slip on an anatomical pistol grip (4min.):
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Making of a custom made grip (43min.):
Making of a custom made grip
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Our new dealer for United Kingdom:

Bisley Sports Wholesale

Bisley Sports Wholesale in Brookwood/ Surrey, now sells all our grips in UK!
Regularly once a month we make grips for them.
The delivery time is between 2 and 6 weeks!


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