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Grip forming:

Should you decide to customize your grip by yourself, you should consider the following basic guidelines.

  • As a general rule: Firstly remove excess material, secondly refill existing hollow spaces. Otherwise you tend to make the grip much too bulky.
  • The diameter of the grip should be measured in such a way, that the central phalanx of the index finger is placed more or less right-angled to the barrel.
  • If at the ready, the barrel should form a straight line into your arm. This can only be achieved, by gripping widely enough behind the weapon. Shooters with shorter fingers may therefore experience difficulties in reaching the trigger. Shooters, who´s hand tends to point to the left on zero-position, may also encounter difficulties. At the ready the bead would then always tend to break to the left. The best solution for such problems, are most likely found in a compromise. Everything else must be compensated through specific training of your muscle memory (also for posture of the head! see below).
  • Should the fore-sight point to the left, it can be helpful to build up material in the area around the back of your palm with filler or leather. As a rule of thumb: 1 size of a fore-sight deviation complies approximately with 1 degree wrist turn and at the same time with approximately 1 millimeter material build up at the back end of the grip. The same effect is achieved with a removal of material in the area across the base of your fingers. Should the fore-sight point to the right, vice-versa.
  • Never exaggerate the material build up in case of a left pointing fore-sight, as this will otherwise result in an overcompensation of your arm position apposed to the axis of your barrel (see above). By shifting your head position to the right, a leftpointing fore-sight can center itself. This new posture should be fixed by special shooting glasses with a wide iris or a small glass support.
  • Should your have the notion, that your thumb does not have the right position, very often it will do, to lower the whole thumb rest slightly.
  • To tip the gravitational center of the weapon to the back, you can drill holes into the grip and fill them with lead.
  • After having built up your grip with filler, it is often too smooth. It works wonders to brush the grip with wood glue and then sprinkle with saw dust (or grit from model railroads). However this does not work with our silicone mass.
If you are content with the shape of your grip, but it does not meet your esthetic demands, you can send us your model for duplication or copying to another pistol.
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Another strong performance by father and son at the German Championships Field-Target 2021 in Ebern:
Thomas Rink manages the double victory and is also in Field-Target German champion in class 2 and Marlon Rink secures the runner-up again, this time in class 5!
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