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How to slip on an anatomical pistol grip?:

When slipping on a anatomical grip, it is important, that it fits always evenly in the hand. The better the grip is adapted to the hand, the more simply is that.

The goal is, that the recoil will always come into the same point in the palm, and/or the trigger finger always is in the same angle to the trigger.

The middle part of the finger should press the grip straight, parallel to the barrel axis, towards the ball of the thumb. The strength for that depends on the discipline (FP more loosely, SP more firmly) and on the personally feeling (whereby all extremes are to be avoided).
To reach this, you should go up like as follows:

  • Slip in the grip into the skin between thumb and forefinger, so that no tension occurs!
  • Put in the side of the hand and the thumb bale from behind. The hand contour to the grip should be closed!
  • Put the basic fold of the fingers behind the corresponding edge at the grip. To do this, make the middle hand a little hollow!
  • The fingers cover the front grip evenly and the middle phalanges pull the grip straight against the thumb bale!

The whole procedure should last, after some practicing, not longer than 3 seconds.

Take care that the grip fits evenly along the ball of the thumb. If it isnít the case, begin from start.

If you cannot reach the correct position, the grip should be modified. At first take some material away, so that the hand can come more inside. After it, fill up possibly holes.

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