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Hand sketch:

Should you feel unsure with the choice of your grip parameters, you may also send us a sketch of your hand shape by post, fax or email: Contact

  • For this kindly place your shooting hand on a sheet of paper, as shown in this sketch.
  • Draw a line around the contour of your hand with a thin ballpoint pen.
  • In addition please draw a horizontal and vertical reference line on the sheet, each with a length of 10cm. This allows us to ascertain possible distortions during transmission by fax or scanner.

  • If you send the sketch by email, please take care that the picture is stored with the original size (make a test print).
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From 8th to 28th of August 2022, we have company holidays!


Another strong performance by father and son at the German Championships Field-Target 2021 in Ebern:
Thomas Rink manages the double victory and is also in Field-Target German champion in class 2 and Marlon Rink secures the runner-up again, this time in class 5!
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Shoulder stocks and universal grips for Umarex RP5:

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