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Copy a custom made grip:

You can send us your self molded grip to copy. The grip model is then digitized and the data edited by our 3D CAD program. This allows additional modifications to angle and shape at a later stage.

digitized data

We keep your data stored, enabling us to manufacture further copies, without the need to resend your grip or revisit us.

This allows for the same sense of grip throughout all different shooting disciplines.
A prerequisite for the transfer to another sporting arm is, that the weapons frame admits the transfer for the grip. Therefore it is impossible to copy from revolvers to sport- or air pistols, or vice versa. The curved characteristic of revolver grips does not allow this.

Among the sport- and air pistols, we encounter the biggest constraints within the range of sport pistols with magazine grip. This may result in the need to design a less slender grip, or may require the angle of the grip to be realigned with the chamber shaft. Furthermore, the two “Hämmerli-types 280 and SP20” cause problems, as their grip is displaced in itself. The majority of pistol types however, allow the copy and transfer of customized grips.

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C O R O N A - I N F O:

Customers who visit us, please pay attention to these safety precautions:

1. Only alone, no escorts!

2. Cover mouth and nose (face mask or cloth)!

3. Immediately after entering the workshop, wash your hands (1st door on the left)!


New videos:

Running Target with HW44 carbine (1min.):
Running Target with HW44 carbine

Steel plate shooting (1min.):
Steel plate shooting
With english subtitles!

Production of shoulder stocks (53min.):
Production of shoulder stocks
English subtitles can be switched on!

Field target duel (1min.):
Field target duel
With english subtitles!

Slip on an anatomical pistol grip (4min.):
Reingreifen in den Pistolengriff
English subtitles can be switched on!

Making of a custom made grip (43min.):
Making of a custom made grip
English subtitles can be switched on!


New products:

March 2021:

Shoulder stocks and universal grips for Artemis PP700:
Artemis PP700

February 2021:

Shoulder stocks and universal grips for Zoraki HP01:

January 2021:

Loading lever buttons for Steyr FP1, LP10, EVO10, LP10e, EVO10e and FWB P8X
Loading lever

September 2020:


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