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Custom made grips

Should you have unique demands in shape and setting of your grip, the ideal solution is the customized grip:

model grip
digitized datas
finished custom made grip
Model grip
Digitized datas
Finished custom made grip
  • In our workshop your grip will be fitted especially to your needs and later be manufactured with the latest computer technology.

  • Your grip can be furnished with a fixed or adjustable palm rest (free of charge).

  • We manufacture customized grips for the same pistol types, for which we produce our standard grips.

Custom made grip for air and
sport pistol from walnut, incl. fitting

€ 324.45 incl. VAT
(Net: € 272.65)
Copy of a custom made grip for
air and sport pistol from walnut

€ 261.44 incl. VAT
(Net: € 219.70)
Custom made grip for free pistol
from walnut, incl. fitting

€ 439.95 incl. VAT
(Net: € 369.70)
Copy of a custom made grip for
free pistol from walnut

€ 365.40 incl. VAT
(Net: € 307.06)
Surcharge for laminated wood

€ 25.20 incl. VAT
(Net: € 21.18)
Fore-end for free pistol, incl. weights

€ 72.45 incl. VAT
(Net: € 60.88)

All grips are stippled and oiled!

Video "Making of a custom made grip":

Making of a custom made grip
English subtitles can be switched on!

french spanish



Another strong performance by father and son at the German Championships Field-Target 2021 in Ebern:
Thomas Rink manages the double victory and is also in Field-Target German champion in class 2 and Marlon Rink secures the runner-up again, this time in class 5!
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