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Grip adjustment:

A great advantage of our grips lies in their adjustability:

  • The palm rest of our grips can be adjusted accurately to the exact width of your hand by using two adjustable screws. This can be done without putting the pistol down. You will be able to react to any problems caused by deviation in hand size during competition.

    The setting range for adjustment is 5 mm upwards and 5 mm downwards (total 10 mm). The specifications to palm width refer to the center position of the adjustment.

    For adjustments, the binding screw has to be loosened slightly; the set screw adjusted to the desired position and in the final step, the binding screw tightened again. The tilt in height can also be altered:

    adjustable palm rest The adjustable palm rest can also be used for our custom made grips.

    Because of size restrictions, extreme demands on angle and width can only be met, by using a fixed palm rests.

    The same applies for pistols with a wide grip magazine (1911, GT45.).

  • Our free pistol grips can additionally be altered, to adjust the hand backrest to the thickness of your hand. This can be regulated by three set-screws, which facilitate a three-dimensional movement.

  • With the wedge rest for our grips used in the discipline "air pistol supported", the sight can be adjusted to an exact horizontal position by operating three adjustable screws:

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