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You can buy our grips at the following dealers:


Schieß-Sport-Center Allermann, 28870 Ottersberg

Schützen- und Vereinsbedarf Holme, 85435 Erding

Schützen- und Vereinsbedarf Holme, 97638 Mellrichstadt

Schützen- und Vereinsbedarf Holme, 84529 Tittmoning

Stopper Schießsportausrüstung, 72461 Albstadt/Onstmettingen

Waffen-Beer, 87439 Kempten/Allgäu

Waffen- Schwarz, email, 63811 STOCKSTADT AM MAIN

Schiesssport Baur, 86859 Igling

Schützenbedarf Keuchen, 52080 Aachen

Schützenbedarf Weiß, 86561 Autenzell

Schießsport Buinger, 86753 Möttingen

Ferlacher Waffenschmiede, 75172 Pforzheim

Top Guns, 12355 Berlin

Bader&Sohn, 63450 Hanau

Waffen-Braun, 52382 Niederzier-Hambach

Hoffmann Sportwaffen, email, 48429 Rheine

Weißkopf Schießsportausrüster, 59423 Unna

FreeSport - P.-A. Dufaux S.A, CH-1763 Granges-Paccot/Fribourg

Rudi Sailer, A-6068 Mils, +43 664/4136533,      

Fröwis Sportschützenbedarf, A-6800 Feldkirchen

CARTOUCH, F-68720 Illfurth

Netherlands:Schietsportservice "GOED SCHOT", 5453 SM Langenboom (Nbr.)
Tiromania, Bernardo Peris, 28008 Madrid

Sportec AB, S-232 02 Akarp

Guntex A/S, DK-6900 Skiern

Hunters House, DK-1879 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen

Gunshop Matti Kauppi, 12100 Oitti

Great Britain:
Bisley Sports Wholesale, GU24 0NP Brookwood, Surrey
Edinkillie Sport Services Ltd., EH3 6RU Edinburgh 
La Domino s.r.l., 20019 Settimo Milanese (Mi)

Czech Republic:
Varga Sport Shooting Equipment, 338 28 Radnice

Slowenia:Artek D.O.O., 3272 Rimske Toplice
Pardini USA LLC, Tampa, FL 33687-6001

Cibles Canada Targets, J8X 4J6 Hull, QC

Potter Firearms, 2560 Holbrook, NSW 
Japan:Schiess Japan IES CO., 3-16 HONGO NUMADU 

Shooting Futuristic,
329 sector 32-D
160030 Chandigarh
Phone: +91 9216 515 515

Thailand: Benyarat Angsunitpol
52/12 , soi atsawapichet 18, Boromratchonanee Rd.
Chimplee, Talingchan
Bangkok 10170
Phone & Fax: +66-2884-2591
Mobile phone: +66-8630-33961

South Korea:

Free Motion, 62270 Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju-city

Shooting World
322-3 Junghwa-Dong
02112 Seoul
Phone: +82 2-972-6665

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C O R O N A - I N F O:

Our workshop is still in operation, orders are processed normally!

Customers who visit us, please pay attention to these safety precautions:

1. Only alone, no escorts!

2. Cover mouth and nose (face mask or cloth)!

3. Immediately after entering the workshop, wash your hands (1st door on the left)!

Stay healthy!


New videos:

Steel plate shooting (1min.):
Steel plate shooting
With english subtitles!

Production of shoulder stocks (53min.):
Production of shoulder stocks
English subtitles can be switched on!

Field target duel (1min.):
Field target duel
With english subtitles!

Slip on an anatomical pistol grip (4min.):
Reingreifen in den Pistolengriff
English subtitles can be switched on!

Making of a custom made grip (43min.):
Making of a custom made grip
English subtitles can be switched on!


Our new dealer for United Kingdom:

Bisley Sports Wholesale

Bisley Sports Wholesale in Brookwood/ Surrey, now sells all our grips in UK!
Regularly once a month we make grips for them.
The delivery time is between 2 and 6 weeks!


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Grips for lasersimulator at modern pentathlon:

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