Grips are our passion

anatomical grip


Anatomical grips for air, sport and free pistols have been our field of expertise since 1995.

Since 2014 we manufacture also grips for knives.

With our extensive know how and the latest manufacturing standards, we deliver to customers around the world.

For pistols you may choose from our wide selection of 
standard grips

Or we craft, suitable to your individual needs, a
custom made grip

Grip selection for pistols
Because of the large number of grip parameters, the standard grips are not on stock, but will be made to order. Therefore, it can lead to longer delivery times.

The delivery time for knifes is 1 to 2 weeks.
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New in our program:

Folding knife
Knifes with walnut grips and personal engraving

wrap dumbbell
Wrap dumbbell to increase the special condition for pistol shooting! ══════════════

At the German Championchips 2014 has Thomas Rink won Gold and Silver in the disciplines Sport Pistol and Center Fire Pistol!
With the SG Butzbach he has won to the fourth time in a row team gold Sport Pistol senior class!


New grips in program:

Januar 2015:

IJ35, US version with safety


November 2014:

FAS 604


November 2013:

FAS 609


October 2013:

For the Steyr LP10e and the Morini 162e we offer now our wedge palm rest for air pistol supported!


June 2013:
Haemmerli AP20
Haemmerli AP20


May 2013:
FAS 603 .32


April 2013:
Beretta 87
Beretta 87


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